Loyalty Events










Development of the idea

Our experience shows us that for a correct development of a loyalty activity, it is necessary to be involved with the client from the beginning of the idea. The work of the agency together with the corporation must be done from the development of the idea.

Attendees selection

A clear definition of the “target audience” is paramount for the development of the event, expect the success and adjusted to the goal to achieve. We must get the attendees in the amount and level necessary.

Attractive concept

The alignment of the concept / message we want to convey with the type of event to perform is vital to reach the attendees appropriately, along with the playful activity that can generate a satisfactory memory of the event.

Achieving the goal

The investment necessary for the accomplishment of an event of these characteristics, justifies a total involvement of the agency and the organization in order to faithfully achieve the stated objective.

Loyalty Activities

One of the main tasks of any organization is to be able to maintain and renew its client portfolio through Loyalty activities, through the development of different Incentive Programs.

An Incentive Program is an activity planned as a reward to motivate the employees, partners or clients of an organization, aiming at the achievement of defined objectives.


These activities are characterized by having to comply with a number of premises, such as:



Empowering the playful

To be remembered as something fantastic by all the winners and their companions

Throughout our years of experience in this environment, we have detected the best places and the best activities where we can achieve the objectives proposed to celebrate an Unforgettable Incentive Activity


Development of the idea

Selection of attendees

Attractive concept

Objective achievement

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